Advertising and Marketing Support

As small businesses, we start our companies through referral and relational sales. When we hit a plateau, we turn to marketing and have no idea how much or on what to spend our hard-earned dollars.


Advertising and Marketing Support

We help clients in ways that deliberately stretch that definition. In addition to advertising creative, we offer brand strategy, ID, digital, design, UX, social influencer, experiential as well as media strategy, planning and buying.

We combine marketing specialist and advertising specialists who can create a personalized strategies that work just for you.


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Step 1) Research

Brand research is how we begin the process of defining your brand through data science. Armed with information gathered from 4 key areas: stakeholders, current clients, potential clients, and key competitors we develop your brand’s “Big Idea.” This is the lens that brings all actions into focus.

Step 2) Brand Audit

A brand audit involves the assessment of all forms of brand representation: visual, written, and digital. We review all of your current marketing, advertising, and interactive collateral through the lens of your Big Idea. This determines which items need adjusting in order to clarify your message and move toward your idea of success.

Step 3) 12 month Strategic Plan

A strategic plan determines a clear course of action. We set up a plan specifically tailored to each of our clients, including a list of goals, a budget, and research on the business’s past performance. These factors help us determine which services should be employed to reach the desired audience.


Restaurant Services

Restaurant Services…

Mobile ordering

Allow your customers to order from your website, Facebook page, and mobile app. Give your customers the flexibility to order online at their convenience. Get more orders, loyal customers, and higher revenues by integrating our Online Ordering platform. Works with your preexisting systems no integration is required.


SMS Automated Marketing

Three O Four productions can and will keep you at the forefront of customer awareness with our highly personalized marketing campaigns. Our content and commercial messaging are fully customizable in order to meet the objectives of your business.

Dedicated Social Media Manager

Dedicated Social Media Management is the industry standard standard for social media marketing. We have a drive to continue to provide the best in the field. One of the most difficult things that many business owners are faced with is not knowing how to go about on their marketing. Social media is a complex and ever evolving system that changes often, you need someone to make sure you are running a consistent, quality and effective marketing campaign.

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